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Earthmoving Machinery & Accessory Hire

Earth Moving & Accessory Hire from1 Stop Machinery includes four brand new Kubota machines available for hire. All machines have multiple attachment options with the larger excavators and track loader featuring fully air conditioned cabins and tilting quick hitch systems to make working with the machines an absolute breeze.

Auger drive attachments readily available. All machines are routinely checked and maintained in perfect working order to ensure you get a trouble free experience. Delivery and pick up of machines is available at an extra cost.

We specialise in monthly hire at the most competitive rates on the market and can cater for shorter term hire as well.

Visit us at our Gympie office or contact us on 07 5482 8500 for quotes and general enquiries.

Wet Equipment Hire

When it comes to work equipment hire, “wet” equipment means that as part of the hire you also get an operator for whatever you’re hiring, while “dry” means that you’ll source your own equipment operator from somewhere other than the hire company, for example you may already employ an operator.

Firstly, from a pure convenience perspective, there can be advantages to wet hire. Wet hire is very much a “complete package” where you’ll agree on a price with the equipment supplier, and then have the equipment dropped off at the work site with an operator. The benefits to this are:

If you don’t have an operator confident with the machinery available on the work site, then you may feel more comfortable from an insurance perspective that you have the required skill set provided with the machinery. However, machines and their different attachments can vary in operation and “feel” different from one manufacturer to another, and as there is no guarantee that the operator you hire with the equipment is experienced with that particular machine it may be no different from using your own people as the operator.

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We want all types of earth moving machinery, farm machinery, trucks, bobcats, industrial machines and more. The condition is unimportant as we can use them for parts or maybe restore the item.

Currently Dismantling  KUBOTA 3.5 ton and KUBOTA 5 ton


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